About Us

We are the reputed IT professionals working in the development field for years. We focus on developing tools with the best functionality and always try to provide additional features to our users. Clickcounter.io is the product of our dedicated research team and enthusiast developers who gave their best to provide extra edge features over a competitor.

We provide our users with the best, fun, and engaging tools with user-friendly UI. The idea behind the development of this tool (Clickcounter.io) is to train users for professional gaming. After deep research, our team concluded that aiming, mouse clicks, and spacebar are the most important to play the game. Hence, we design clickcounter.io by making sure of such a scenario.

Our purpose:

Our actions are influenced with the purpose to serve handy solutions to gamers and gaming beginners for free. Many beginners have to deal with various obstacles in gaming. Thus, we come up with this open-source tool.

Our team's solution-oriented approach enables us to be at this level. We are always able to improve the way we live. Thanks to our Research Team for the research they conduct. Whenever you succeed, we succeed.