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What is Butterfly Clicking and BCT?

Butterfly clicking is a two-finger clicking technique. This clicking process is simpler than jitter-clicking which aids in faster mouse button clicks.

This Butterfly click test tool can assist you in measuring and calculating your Butterfly clicking performance. Daily brush-up on this BCT improves your performance in FPS, RPG, and RTS games. This method can increase your clicking speed by up to 15 CPS with dedication and practice.

Play free on this very exclusive clicks per second test tool. Challenge your clicking capacity and also improve your gaming skills. Practice as much you can to become the king in your gaming community.

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How does Butterfly clicking work?

Butterfly clicking is very straightforward to perform. This technique uses two fingers to register clicks, mainly the index and lengthier fingers. And your fingers start clicking simultaneously, reciprocating a Butterfly's flying technique.

The proper technique is to move your middle finger upward while simultaneously clicking the mouse's left button. For some players butterfly clicking is more challenging to master while some find it very simple to use. It depends on one’s hand and fingers movement speed.

Getting Ready for the Butterfly Clicking Test

Check Internet Stability

First off, check your internet stability. To perform any web-based test, you must have a stable internet connection. Otherwise, your final result will be ruined.

Have a mouse test

The next step is to test your mouse hardware to check its performance. The test is pretty straightforward to undergo. All you have to do is visit the online mouse test website to check if it is operating or not. Butterfly clicking is usually done in gaming, so using a gaming mouse is highly recommended.

Apply Required Mouse Settings

Before using any clicking technique, it is essential to change the mouse settings. It helps you achieve a maximum score without much effort. You can use the internet to search for the ideal settings for your device.

Why should you carry BCT here?

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Various Time Mode

Here, you get an option between different times such as 1 second, 2 seconds, 10 seconds, etc to take a butterfly click test. This test allows you to practice at your own pace and capacity, which you can benefit from by practicing your clicking skills daily.

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No Distraction

Unlike other tools that contain additional information that might confuse readers, this BCT test is about practice and learning. Our ultimate focus is to provide users with a seamless experience. Except for the information related to BCT, you will not witness any irritating ads here. You can practice your skills here without any distractions, with your primary focus on the test.

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Perfect Tool

This tool is developed with advanced technology that helps load your results faster. Furthermore, the results you get are 100% accurate, so with this tool by your side, you have nothing to worry about.

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24/7 Support

We are here for you round the clock! You can contact us in case of any issues or queries pertaining to the test. We will try our best to offer you the best solutions as early as possible.

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Socializing Tool

Like any other game or social platform, this tool can also be socializing. Challenge your friends and compare your clicking skills with them. This tool works as a mini-game in the group, providing entertainment and resources to you and your friends. Furthermore, you can also share your results with others to show off your skills.

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You can access this test from multiple devices such as mobiles, tablets, PC, etc. To conduct this test, you do not need to carry your laptop everywhere with you. You can practice your clicking skills anywhere using your mobile! Whether you are at home or just hanging out with friends, with this BCT, you do not need to compromise your clicking practice routine.

Perks and Cons of Butterfly Clicking Technique

Besides Butterfly clicking, there are other clicking methods such as Jitter clicking, Drag clicking, and Kohi clicking. Each technique has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


It is Safe for hands

Butterfly clicks applies equal pressure on both fingers, i.e., middle and index. So, there is less probability of getting hurt or damaging your wrist. Clicking techniques like Jitter click can slightly damage your hand or wrist due to its's hand-vibrating process. But Butterfly clicking is very straightforward to practice and perform.

Best for Beginners

Butterfly clicking is one of the most basic clicking techniques in gaming. If you are a novice, just getting started with gaming, and wish to enhance your clicking skills, then Butterfly clicking is your best bet. Once you conquer this skill, you can switch to other advanced techniques such as Jitter and drag clicking. Butterfly clicking is easy to learn and master.

Useful in PvP battle

PvP battles require master mouse-handling skills. If you master the art of the Butterfly-clicking method, it will also help you become proficient in PvP games.

Register Maximum Clicks

Even though Jitter Clicking is an advanced form of clicking technique, Butterfly clicking helps you register more clicks as compared to it. With the help of Butterfly clicking, you can register up to 20-25 CPS, while the Jitter will only be limited to 15-20 CPS.


Most professionals do not prefer Butterfly clicking

Professional gamers prefer drag-clicking over Butterfly-clicking. According to them, Butterfly clicking is an old technique, and advancements such as drag clicking allow them up to 30 CPS or more.

Useless in touchpad

In the case of touchpads, this technique is useless. You will require a gaming mouse to use the Butterfly-clicking technique to perform in actual gameplay. All CPS techniques are useless without a mouse and do not work on a touchpad.

How to Get Better at Butterfly clicking?

Set Small Goals

Starting with less is always good to master the art. Do not set high goals when you are a beginner. For instance, do not target 20 CPS directly. As a novice, start with 5 CPS, keep practicing and push your limits for a more significant advantage.

Don't take it seriously

Even if you fail at first, do not give up or consider yourself a failure. Do not take the game results too seriously. After all, it is just a game to test your skills.

Use a High-end Mouse device

Always prefer a gaming mouse over a standard mouse to get better at Butterfly clicking. At the time of purchase, ensure your mouse has a higher DPI and only buy it after getting through its specifications. Furthermore, always make sure that your mouse has a 1mm distance between the left button and the right button to avoid finger sticking.

Do some finger exercise

Doing finger exercises before the test allows your fingers to become flexible and move faster. You can also try keeping your hand in warm water before practice. This procedure helps you to relax muscles.

Practice in-game

Do not discard the idea of playing FPS or RTS games before becoming an expert in Butterfly-clicking. It is one of the best ways to master this technique to be active in the gaming world. Trying to improve at the Butterfly technique will also help you improve in the particular game you are practicing.

If you are a beginner and do not wish to test the waters in an amateur state, you can try the trial modes of the games.

Refer to YouTube

On YouTube, several videos will help you become better at Butterfly clicking. As you get a visual representation in the videos about what to do and how learning the Butterfly clicking technique becomes easier.

Improve yourself in gaming

The only way to improve yourself in the Butterfly-clicking technique is to keep practicing. Even though some users consider this technique old, as a beginner, you only have to start with this method.

Take this Butterfly Click Test that acts as your savior in your initial gaming days. Brush up your clicking skills daily to master the art without any irrelevant interruptions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Butterfly clicking good for PvP?

Yes, Butterfly clicking is considered suitable for PvP battles. Also, as Butterfly clicking primarily results in 15-20 CPS, it is not considered a ban in PvP games.

HCan I aim perfectly while Butterfly-clicking?

Yes, you can aim perfectly with Butterfly-clicking. Compared to this, Jitter-clicking is tough. However, it entirely depends on gamers which clicking style they prefer for their battles.

Will my wrist get injured with Butterfly clicking?

Compared to the Jitter Technique, Butterfly clicking is safe. However, we highly recommend you practice within a limit and not exceed your capacity. Furthermore, go with finger exercises to prevent any injury during the game. Another technique is to put your hands in warm water for a few minutes before the practice sessions. This helps relax your muscles.

Do not overclock, and always click in immediately to avoid getting hurt.

What is the best mouse for Butterfly clicking?

The best mouse for Butterfly clicking is the Razer Naga Trinity gaming mouse. The Razer Trinity is a good mouse for Butterfly-clicking since its mechanical buttons can survive up to 50 million clicks.

This mouse has a sensor with a resolution of 16000 DPI. Additionally, it has 19 programmable buttons that you may remap and use to implement intricate macro functions to suit your particular gameplay requirements.