Double Click To Start Test


Count your double clicks with your gaming mouse. Push your clicking limits and measure how consistently you can double click. The double click test is also called a double click counter.

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How To Use Double Click Test



Go to the double click counter from


You will see the round colored clicking panel to the center. As soon as you start clicking your mouse button, the double click test starts.



At the end, you will receive the result with your scores in the given time.

What is the Double Click Test?

Gamers actually know how the gaming standards are improving day by day. And their hardware is not becoming sufficient for them. Here, the double click counter helps to test the computer mouse with a double click test.

The Double Click Mouse tester is the perfect tool to measure your gaming mouse accuracy, sensitivity, and speed. With the double-click test, you can easily find out whether your mouse button can fire twice.

For getting more better in your gaming performance you should try this spacebar counter challenge. This not only helps you becoming a great player but also increase your productivity in your job.

Double Click Test
Double Click Test 2

How to fix unwanted Double Clicks

There are several quick and easy ways to solve this error:

Try to repair the mouse by yourself, try to bend the spring, or replacing the microswitches

One of the simplest ways, buy the new one.

Try to update your drivers. Sometimes, it just occurs when your driver is not updated

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Double Click test?

It is one of the better ways to test your mouse sensitivity, speed, and accuracy. Here, you can measure your mouse's double shooting ability. When you clicked x2 times your mouse button, it counts as a single click. Sometimes, Double clicking is very crucial to aim in gaming and hit the target.

Is double-clicking bad?

Double-clicking is not bad. It is a more efficient way to practice your clicking. But, it needs moreprecise timing and motor skills. Be careful with clicking very excessively can hurt your arm muscles.

Why do we need a Double Click Test?

A double click test is a way to test your mouse for its sensibility, accuracy, and speed. It is a tool to check the health status of your mouse. This test checks if the mouse performs well. It is applicable for both the right and left buttons of the mouse. It is a simple and handy tool to use. To take the test, double-click on the test area. The result gets displayed, mentioning your mouse’s condition.

How Double Click Test is helpful to you?

The double click test is a simple and fun test to check your computer mouse's condition. It is helpful for gamers as well as for programmers for testing the speed and accuracy of their mice. Besides, it can also be used to practice your clicking skills. The result that the test displays have the clicking speed in it. Thus, you can challenge, invite or play with your friends and compete for the highest clicking speed among them.

How do I test my double-click speed?

Visit Double Click Counter from Just go to the round clicking panel below. As soon as you start clicking your mouse button it starts counting your clicks. It measures one when you do double clicks in a row with your mouse

Is Double clicking necessary?

Frankly speaking, the double-clicking gone out of trend when windows start allowing users to single click on desktop icons. But at gaming practices, it is still listed in the click speed test method.