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What is the Kohi Click Test?

Kohi Click test is an online mouse-clicking speed test. It is used to know your mouse’s clicking speed within a specified period. It gives your clicking speed result in terms of CPS (Clicks Per Second). It can also be used to practice various clicking techniques. Eventually, you can also use the kohi click test to practice speed clicking and improve your CPS score.

The kohi click test was first introduced in the Minecraft server. It was under the name Kohi click speed tester in the game. It was used to calculate the number of clicks you register in 10 seconds. 10 seconds was the only period available to test your clicking speed. Nowadays, we see variants on various click testing tools. Many mouse clicking speed tester tools are inspired by kohi and are based upon the same principle as Kohi.

Minecraft players can test their clicking speed before a PvP game to test their CPS speed. It was a mini-game therein, where you can practice improving their CPS.

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Winning Tactics for Problems with Kohi Clicking

While the Kohi test is the best clicking speed tester on Minecraft, you may face some problems while using. Here, we are providing the solutions to the problems that you might encounter sometime.

Problem 1

Does the kohi click cause pain in your hand, wrist, or arm?

Kohi click test doesn’t cause any major effects on your health until you use some special clicking methods.

You won’t experience any complications if you use regular clicking methods for some time.

However, if you extend using the click speed test for several hours, then you may experience fatigue, cramps, and muscular pain in the palm, fingers, wrist, lower arm, or upper arm.

Using other special clicking techniques on the kohi click test like jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, and drag clicking won’t give any health problems, if used for a limited time.

But, using such techniques for a long time may invite problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, etc. Hence, it is necessary to take care of the time for which we use it.

Problem 2

What causes the mouse to lag while kohi clicking?

There are hardware issues more than the software issues related to the lagging of the mouse while kohi clicking. Some of the problems that may lead to lagging include- incorrect windows mouse settings, outdated driver, faulty mouse, defects in mouse connection, faulty wireless mouse batteries, etc.

The possible solutions for the problems are –

  • Check the windows mouse settings, under the devices section. See if everything is ok.
  • Update or reinstall the mouse device driver.
  • Check for mouse connection issues like wires, etc.
  • In case you use a wireless mouse, try replacing the old batteries with new ones.
  • Try another USB port.
  • Disable or close any other functions running in the background which may consume RAM.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can you click on Kohi Test?

There’s no specific limit on the number of clicks in one second. Pro players usually have a CPS speed of more than 10 in the Minecraft PvP. An average score of 6-8 CPS is required for a good playing experience in Minecraft. The regular clicking technique will almost enable you to click 6 CPS.

However, if you wish a clicking speed of more than 10, you will need special clicking techniques. Jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, and drag clicking will give you 14, 25, and 50 CPS respectively, or even more.

Does CPS concern Minecraft PvP?

CPS is the most crucial aspect of the Minecraft PvP. Your clicking speed determines your chances of winning the game. Especially in PvP, where there’s a situation of fight or lose. Having clicking speed more than the opponent will help to speed bridge faster, create walls and kill enemies faster. It may even save you from getting killed in a one-to-one fight if you have high CPS. An average of 10 CPS is necessary to play a good game.

Why does my Minecraft keep double-clicking?

The problem may lie in the windows mouse settings or the hardware of your mouse. If the double click settings of your mouse are set very low, you may face this issue. To resolve it, go to the additional settings of your mouse and try adjusting the double-click speed slider. Else, look for resolving the hardware issues of your mouse.

Why does my Minecraft character move on its own?

This may happen sometimes when a key is stuck or there are some input problems in Minecraft. It might be a bug too. Sometimes running background applications may also cause such lagging. To resolve this, simply press the key again for unsticking action and stop moving forwards.