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An online counter can be used in many situations where counting is needed. It is a free online tool for tally counting. Use our online counter to keep an eye on your activity. The tool makes your counting work easy and you do not have to add an efforts for tracking work. Use this counter without any hesitation for any purposes.

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How To Use Online Counter

1. Go to the ClickCounter home page and navigate to the online counter.

2. To count in ascending order, click on the plus (+) icon. Our backend program will count your every click. You can see the number of clicks on the screen.

3. Similarly, to count in descending order, click the (-) icon. Your every click on the (-) icon will be subtracted from your current count.

4. Copy the resultant number and convert it into words using number to words tool.

5. To start the afresh counting task, click on the reset button or simply refresh the page.

6. Isn't that easy? Try it by yourself now.

Situations To Use Online Counter

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Attendance Purpose

Using the tool will allow you to track the number of people present in the office, club, party, etc. It makes your task easy, as you don't need to keep an eye on each person.

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You can count reps, number of pull-ups, or push-ups you have completed during exercise. Utilize this tool to track your progress. Find out if you have achieved your target. What if you want to count double at once? Try this double click counter tool to make it more simplified.

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In esports

In Many online shooting games, you have to kill a maximum number of players to win the game. Our Online counter and Spacebar Counter will help you to count your score accurately. You can also find out how much you need in order to dominate your opponent.