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Mouse Scroll Test

The 100 meter scroll test is an online, free, easy-to-use scroll wheel test. It is used to test the scrolling speed of a mouse. The scrolling speed is mentioned in pixels per second.

This scrolling speed is important in gaming, reading, zooming, and other important functions. In gaming, the scroll is used for aiming at the enemy in sniping activity. Higher scrolling speed will mean faster aiming and shooting of the enemy.

This helps win the game and get on top of the leader board in the game. Here, this scroll test helps in knowing your scrolling speed. You can also practice using this scroll test to improve your scrolling speed. Besides, the scroll test is also used to test the functioning of the mouse wheel button. It is used to check whether the scroll wheel is working properly or not.

This scroll test can be employed to compare different, newly bought mice or new gaming mice. In such a case, it is used to compare the scrolling speeds different mice offer and to choose the better one. The uses of the scroll test are many to be numbered, read ahead to know more about it.

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How To Test A Mouse If It Is Functioning or Not

Due to the introduction of many mouse tests in the market, it has become an easy task for users to know about their mouse functioning. There are different types of mouse tests, such as right-click test, drag test, scroll test, Etc.

These tests are aimed at different functionalities of the mouse. One such test that specializes in checking the scroll wheel's functioning is the scroll test. Below are the steps mentioned to use this test.

Step1: Go to the website, and you'll find the mouse scroll test in the more click counter tools section

Step2: After reaching the webpage, you'll find a featured game of a rider on the scooter on top.

Step3: Click on start scrolling to take the scrolling test.

Step4: After starting, you'll be required to scroll over the area of the game to make the rider move.

Step5: The objective of the game is to scroll as fast as possible to help the rider deliver his parcel.

Step6: Your scrolling speed will be mentioned above in the game in MPH (Miles Per Hour).

Step7: Track your speed and try to attain the maximum speed possible.

Step8: Keep scrolling until you attain your maximum speed.

If your mouse is faulty or damaged, it will get detected in the scroll test. Following responses can be experienced in the scroll test if your mouse is not functioning well.

  • The scroll test may show no speed at all.
  • The test may not even start, despite scrolling the wheel. This indicates a functionless scroll wheel.
  • The scroll test will show low speed, even if the scroll wheel is scrolled fast.

In this manner, any imperfection in the functioning of the scroll wheel of the mouse can be detected using the scroll test.

How Can You Calculate Mouse Scrolling Speed In Pixels?

1000px = 22 miles
2000px = 44 miles
3000px = 66 miles
4000px = 88 miles
5000px = 110 miles
6000px = 132 miles

These are the equivalents of distance covered by your mouse scroll in miles and pixels. That means, one mile is 45.454 pixels. Now, for example, if you scrolled 70 miles in 1 second, then your scrolling speed will be 3,181.81 pixels per second.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Scroll Wheel Glitching?

The following might be the possible reasons for a scroll wheel glitch.

  • Defective connectivity between the mouse and the computer.
  • Unclean or dirty mouse and mousepad.
  • Outdated device driver.
  • Low battery levels of wireless mice.
  • Any other hardware problems with the mouse.

As you now know about the causes of scroll wheeling, you can easily fix this problem. You need to eliminate the cause and work upon the solutions.

How Do I Fix My Scroll Jumping?

  • Clean your mouse and mousepad to get rid of dirt.
  • Check your connections between the mouse and the computer wisely.
  • Replace the batteries of your mouse, if any.
  • Try restarting your computer.
  • Troubleshoot hardware and devices; if any error is detected, then apply the fix.
  • Update and reinstall device drivers.
  • Set the pointer speed to low, up to 5.
  • Remember to disable the touchpad after connecting the mouse to the laptop.

How Do You Fix An Erratic Mouse Scroll?

Try fixing the problem using the solutions mentioned above. Try some additional fixes, if the above didn't work.

  • Go to settings and disable the pointer while typing.
  • Update the system software.
  • Troubleshoot your mouse.

How Do I Fix My Mouse Going The Opposite Direction?

Follow these steps:

  • Press both the mouse buttons at once and hold them.
  • After a few seconds, the mouse pointer gets positioned at the bottom of the screen.
  • The pointer will automatically move upwards from the bottom.
  • Now, release the buttons and move the pointer in an upward direction in a straight line.
  • Perform like this until the pointer moves in a small circle.

This way, the problem will get fixed.