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About Click Couter

A click counter is an online tool for knowing the clicking speed of a mouse. The clicking speed is expressed in terms of CPS (Clicks Per Second). Thus, this tool is also famous by the name CPS test. It is a tool for recording the number of clicks within a specific time. There are different variants of click counter based on different timers. For example, 1- second click counter, 5 seconds, 10 seconds click counter, and so on. The online tool is free to use and does not require any logins or registrations. It is simple to use and anyone can operate it easily.

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It's Main Features

timer clicking

Timer Clicker

Count your clicks within a specific time and calculate your clicking speed. Take more challenges to improve your ranking.

timer clicking

Live Statistics

The cps counter shows live statistics immediately after you start playing. You can observe it right above the clicking panel.

timer clicking

Stunning UI

With this attractive user interface, users can play this game also on mobile devices like android, iPhone, iPad, and many more.

How To Use Click Counter



Open any of your browsers and google for


Slightly scroll down to the clicking panel and select the timer from the bottom (1sec, 5 sec, 10sec, etc.)



Now, you are ready to start clicking at the clicking panel. When you Start your clicking, the timer automatically starts. You can see the timer and live score statistics too.


When your tests end, the results will appear at the bottom. And the most important thing is you can see your last five click counter results.


Why do you need a click counter?

The click counter tool is compatible with a variety of devices and browsers. It can be used on mobiles, laptops, computers, tablets, etc. You can easily find this tool when searching on any search engines available on the device. There’s no restriction on age, gender, or profession to take the click per the second test on the click counter.

Anyone can use the tool for their benefit. You can also share your results after taking the test. Besides, you can invite and challenge your friends to take the CPS test. There are several benefits of this tool. It is beneficial for the ones who want to improve their clicking rate in games, typing, etc.

It can also act as a stress buster if played as a mini-game. Use the tool to practice increasing your CPS score. The greater the CPS score and speed, the better you perform. People have also set records using the CPS test.

You can also use this tool to practice and break the records. Clicking fast will also prove to be a good exercise for your hands and fingers. Take breaks between two successive CPS tests to prevent cramping of fingers.

How does a Click Counter Work?

A click counter works on the principle of recording clicks for the specified set timer and calculating the speed of clicking thereafter. When you take the test on the click counter, the timer runs for the selected period. For example, it runs for 1 second, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 1 minute, etc. As soon as the timer starts, you need to start clicking continuously and speedily.

The counter counts your clicks until the timer stops after the completion of time. the test ends automatically and the counter stops counting further clicks after the selected time. The counter then presents you with the result.

The result contains the total number of clicks pressed by you in that time, your speed of clicking (CPS), and your rank. High CPS (clicks per second) means high speed in the click counter. Below the results card, there is an option to retake the test, if you wish to practice the tool.

Another option presented below the results on the tool is to invite, share and challenge friends. Use this option to share your results and challenge your friends. The click counter tool also has its rank board, where the highest CPS scores are showcased. The ranks get updated daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is good clicking speed?

Typically, people can do six clicks per second. And if you can do more than six clicks in 1 second, that means you are scoring above an average.

How to test how fast you click?

Now, it becomes easy to test and calculate your clicking speed. The clicker test lets you test your mouse clicking speed. And, also helps you improve in your clicking as well as aiming skills.

How do I count my mouse clicks?

Use the click counter tool to count your mouse clicks within a specified time. With the help of this tool, you can know your total mouse clicks and clicking speed within a timeframe. You don't have to involve manually in the process of counting, the click counter does it for you and makes click counting easy.

What's the average CPS for a gamer?

The average CPS for gamers is 7-8 CPS. Although it differs from gamer to gamer, the mouse they use, and the clicking technique they use decides their clicking speed. Some advanced gamers CPS can even range from 12-16 CPS or more.

How to become a king of CPS Game?

We record our user's clicks per second (cps) score. If you want to become at the top of the list, you need to practice more, and it only can lead you to become a King of CPS test game.

What is the average CPS in 1 second?

According to google big data, the average CPS is 6.51, and the world record had set to 14.1 clicks per second. So, challenge yourself to become an above-average candidate. If you are committed to recording a new cps record, you need to practice more at

How do you increase CPS?

Here, we are providing you with some tips that you shall consider if you wish to increase your CPS.

  • Firstly, check your internet connection, make sure it is stable.
  • Check for other hardware components connectivity, like mouse cables, if they are connected firmly.
  • Use high-end gaming mice having high DPI (dots per inches).
  • Toggle mouse settings, set the sensitivity of the mouse according to your comfort.
  • Use various clicking techniques to increase your CPS.
  • Clicking techniques include drag, butterfly, jitter, and others.
  • Practice different clicking techniques on the click counter and see which one best works for you.

How good is 10 CPS?

10 CPS is a very good score in clicking. The average CPS is 6, thus, 10 CPS is an above-average score and almost double the average score. This score is the best when it comes to PVP gaming. Most good gamers have such CPS after using the clicking techniques.