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Click Speed Test

Click speed test online is the best platform for challenging yourself for clicking. It is nothing like a game where user can test their clicking speed while playing. And the stunning user interface never lets the user feel bored. The most exciting thing about this cps test tool is, it shows your rank according to your clicking speed. Besides all this, it has plenty of modes to test your mouse clicking Multi Modes of clicking speed. It provides a wide range of timers from 10-second click speed test to 100-second click speed test.

Play free on this very exclusive clicks per second test tool. Challenge your clicking capacity and also improve your gaming skills. Practice as much you can to become the king in your gaming community.

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It's Main Features

timer clicking

Multi Modes of clicking

Generally, user tests their clicking speed with the left mouse button. But, we recommend our users to test right mouse button clicks also.

timer clicking

Live Statistics

See your live score just after you start testing your clicks. You'll see the count of clicks, the timer remain, and the current clicks per the second score.

timer clicking

100% efficient and safe

It gives 100% efficient results. Users do not need to install any third-party software now. It is 100% safe, cost-free, and most important, it is an online tool.

Desktop Click Speed Test

Without any bit of a doubt, desktop users can take part in this click counter test tool. They can enhance their click speed test here for free with an excellent clicking experience to play this click per second test, the user must have the best gaming mouse in their hand or touchpad if they are Laptop or MacBook users.

But, we would suggest using the gaming mouse so that you can improve along with your gaming. It is the best cps test (click speed test) tool that really helps you enhance your skills in gaming.

You can arrange clicking challenges and become the best in your gaming community.To become pro in your favorite PvP game, try this spacebar counter challenge.


Mobile Click Speed Test

Apart from the laptops, Macbooks, and Desktops, the clicker test is also available for mobile and tablets. It is easy to take the click speed test on android, iPhone, iPad, and Mobile Tablet devices though it provides an excellent user experience in all.

If you are a mobile gamer, this is a place where you can enhance your smartphone gaming skills. In a mobile shooting game, we all know how clicks play an extremely crucial role. Your clicks decide, your opponent either has to die, or you are going to lose.

So, give this online clicker game a shot to develop and improve your mobile gaming