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Drag Test

If you are worried about the working of your mouse; if you want to check whether your mouse functions well, then the mouse drag test is up to your rescue. The mouse drag test is a free, online tool to check the efficiency of your mouse. This Drag test checks the dragging and dropping functions of your mouse.

It tests how fast your mouse can work. It also checks the capabilities of your mouse. Using the drag test, you can check your mouse's dragging capacity. You can check if all the mouse buttons are working to their potential. And if the dragging and dropping function is performed well by the mouse. Being a free, and easy-to-use tool, it is simple, and anyone can use it anytime.

Helpful For Gamers and Professionals

This tool is very helpful for gamers, writers whose daily work includes mouse as an integral part. Any failure in dragging, or dropping functions, can cost loss for them.

Hence, to ensure that their mouse works well and their work goes well uninterruptedly, it is very important to keep a constant check on the mouse's working.

And to check these dragging, dropping, and other abilities of the mouse, the drag test is a boon for you.


How To Take The Mouse Drag Test

It is very simple to take this drag test. Anyone can visit the tool, anytime, and can take the test. There are five different types of challenges to checking the overall working of the mouse. Moreover, you can also take these challenges using the left button of the mouse.

The five challenge settings are - straight line dragging, square dragging, elliptical, triangular-elliptical, and, infinity sign dragging. You can either choose any one or all of the challenge settings one by one. Following are the steps to take the test.



Look for the “drag” icon on the tool. Start the challenge.


Click and hold on to the icon using mouse button to be tested. (Start with the left mouse button).



Start with the first challenge of dragging a straight line along with the guided arrows.


Next, after completing the straight line, draw a square by dragging. For this too, follow the guided arrows.



Next, the challenge is you have to drag the icon from left to right following the curve else you can try the right to left direction too.


Your next challenge is more unique, you have to draw half circle and the half square following the position that given in a sequece.



The next challenge become more complicated, here you have to draw a horizontal 8(eight) by following the given sequential positions.


A result will be displayed on the screen immediately after the completion of a challenge.


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What Makes This Mouse Drag Test Different From Others?

This mouse test offers a variety of challenges to surpass for mice. Other mouse drag test only offer two such challenges. That is the right mouse switch and left mouse switch dragging test.

While this mouse drag test is unique in asking the users to drag specific shapes. If you successfully pass all the challenges, it shows that your mouse is working correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my mouse moving by itself?

Possible Reasons:
  • Dirty mouse, debris stuck inside the mouse.
  • Damaged mouse.
  • Incorrect mouse settings.
  • Clean the mouse by separating components, if possible, to remove the dirt.
  • Clean the mouse pad.
  • Reconnect the mouse (USB port or Bluetooth connection).
  • Set the sensitivity settings option to low.
  • Update or reinstall the device driver.
  • Restart the computer.

How to know if the mouse sensor is bad?

When the mouse sensor is bad, you may notice some uncanny behaviour of your mouse cursor on your screen. The mouse cursor will show erratic behaviour.

Or it may even be detected in the mouse drag test when it fails the challenges. To fix this, try updating or reinstalling your mouse device drivers. You can also try cleaning your mouse, restarting the computer, reconnecting, or changing your mouse.

How do you test if your mouse is broken?

Take up the mouse drag test. If it fails in any of the challenges of the mouse drag test, you should be sure that it's damaged or broken. Other signs of a broken mouse include unable to function properly, and visible anomalies in the appearance of the mouse.

You can also test your mouse using other mouse click tests, scroll tests, etc, other than the drag test.

How do I optimize my mouse for gaming?

You will have to alter some settings to make your mouse a gaming one. They are:
  • Set pointer speed above average.
  • Lower your mouse acceleration.
  • Increase your mouse DPI.
  • Set other in-game settings according to your comfort as a gamer.